Dear supplier,

In order to meet the national and international regulatory requirements for both ISO 13485 or/ and ISO 9001, it is our duty to assess our suppliers in several areas mentioned in the above mentioned standards. In addition to the assessments that are already being carried out in our company on other aspects, we would like to assess the environmental and ethical aspects. Therefore,
     – It is our common obligation to ensure that our products are made under ethical acceptable conditions.
     – Furthermore, it is our common obligation to ensure that the products we receive from you are made under environmentally
        acceptable conditions, hence suppliers should demonstrate environmental focus.
Together we can promote equality, improve the lives of our employees, stop abuse, say no to discrimination and corruption, and promote environmental improvement.

We therefore kindly ask you to complete the digital form below. For further information please do not hesitate to contact us.

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    1. Environmental aspect
    1.1* Is your company ISO 14001 certified?

    If Yes: Please attach an electronic copy of your certificate or other

    Max.: 5MB

    Please answer the following questions if your company is not ISO 14001 certified
    1.2* Is the Company certified against any other environmental audit schemes
    (Eco‐Lighthouse or local certification scheme)?

    If Yes: Please attach an electronic copy of your certificate or other

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    1.3* Has the company established an environmental (Eco) policy?
    1.4* Does your company set environmental goals?
    1.5* Does your company have an CO2 management plan?
    1.6* Does the company evaluate your suppliers/subcontractors
    and business partners on environmental awareness?
    1.7* Does the company train your employees in environmental awareness?
    1.8* Does your company encourage employees to travel by public transport?
    1.9* How would you rate your company’s environmental focus?
    [1 (lowest) to 10 (highest)]

    2. Ethical aspects
    2.1* Has the company established a policy for ethical business operations?
    2.2* Has the company established ethical guidelines/ code of conduct for your
    2.3* Are human rights (no child labour, no unequal treatment, etc.) taken
    into account in your code of conduct and observed in your company?
    2.4* Does the company evaluate your business partners in regard to ethical
    behavior (e.g. child labor, discrimination, human rights, legal activities, etc.)?
    2.5* Does your company take care of its workers with fair pay,
    sustainable workloads, and ethical work conduct?
    2.6* Does your company offer safe and hygienic working conditions?
    2.7* Is your company's health and safety policy in line with your
    country's requirements?
    2.8* Does your company offer employees appropriate pay and working hours?
    2.9* Has your company implemented an anti-corruption plan in all
    senses of the term as well as favours and preferences for its employees?
    2.10* If unethical behaviour is discovered at one of your suppliers/subcontractors,
    will you terminate your collaboration?
    2.11* Does your company emphasize human and equal treatment for all employees?
    2.12* Has the company ever been investigated for non‐ethical or illegal activities?
    2.13* How would you rate your company’s ethical focus [1 (lowest) to 10 (highest)]:

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