• Blutdruckmessgerät Mastermed C Tisch

MASTERMED C table top model

REF 04.32730.232

The KaWe MASTERMED C Premium blood pressure monitors provide medical professionals the highest level of quality and value. The instruments in this series are defined by their innovative and practical features, smooth surfaces for easy cleaning, and particularly precise gauges. These blood pressure monitoring devices are available as wall-mounted, table top and freestanding models. The double-walled construction of these devices makes them robust and therefore ideal for use in medical facilities. Each model comes equipped with a cuff holder.

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  • aneroid blood pressure measuring device
  • integrated bases that prevent scratches
  • spiral hose with a range of 3 m
  • cuff included (arm circumference 27,5 cm- 36,5 cm, adult)


  • complies with DIN EN ISO 81060-1 standards
  • large, Ø 120 mm gauge with thin, red dial for exact measurement readings
  • integrated cuff holder
  • scaling: 0 – 300 mmHg
  • one-piece cuff without rubber bladder
  • plug-in adapter for quicker cuff exchange
  • 2-year warranty on device when used properly



cuffs, 2-tube-system

infant (arm circumference 13,8 – 21,5 cm) REF 04.85204.211
child (arm circumference 20,5 – 28,5 cm) REF 04.85204.221
adult (arm circumference 27,5 – 36,5 cm) REF 04.85204.231
large adult (arm circumference 35,5 – 46,0 cm) REF 04.85204.241