HiLight LED H-800
Our headlamp HiLight LED H-800 is now available with improved LED. Thanks to a new LED with optimized color rendering and light spectrum, it is now even more suitable for various diagnostic applications, such as in the dental or ENT field.

The previously used cool white LED illumination with only moderate color rendering and a slight blue cast has been replaced by a neutral white high-performance LED with a color temperature of 4,000 K. The new LED is characterized by a bright and homogeneous illumination with the best color rendering and enables optimal recognition of structures and color nuances in human tissue in all medical areas and is thus better tailored to the requirements of medical use.

Especially in the red color range (R9), a significantly increased color fidelity is achieved.

Technical data

• LED service life approx. 50,000 h
• illuminance approx. 13,000 Lux at a working distance of 20 cm
• LED color temperature approx. 4,000 Kelvin
• CRI (color rendering index) = 93
• R9 (red rendering), R11 (green rendering) and R10 (yellow rendering) > 94
• stepless adjustment of the light field size by means of iris diaphragm

HiLight LED H-800