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KaWe COLORSCOP Duo stethoscopes bring colour into your everyday routine. We use high-quality materials for the production of these stethoscopes. Due to its first-rate workmanship, this stethoscope is suited extremely well for daily use in clinics or by nurses for all types of examinations. The double-sided chest piece can be switched from diaphragm to bell mode by twisting the tube. The exchangeable diaphragm is reinforced with fibre-glass and is therefore especially sensitive. The sound bell is made of metal and therefore guarantees a good resonance because of optimal sound conduction. The available selection of eight different colours almost completely eliminates the possibility of a user mistaking their instrument for that of another.

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  • the colourful dual-head stethoscope,
    reversible, lightweight
  • diaphragm Ø 43.8 mm
  • total length approx. ca. 78 cm
  • weight: approx. 110 gr.




colour: red REF 06.22100.014
colour: black REF 06.22100.024
colour: blue REF 06.22100.034
colour: green REF 06.22100.044
colour: yellow REF 06.22100.054
colour violet REF 06.22100.094
colour: turquoise REF 06.22100.124
colour: pink REF 06.22100.134



Ear tips

colour: black REF 06.91120.021

Head piece, small

with black ear tips REF 06.92100.001

Single tubes

colour: red REF 06.93154.011
colour: black REF 06.93154.021
colour: blue REF 06.93154.031
colour: green REF 06.93154.041
colour: yellow REF 06.93154.051
colour: violet REF 06.93154.091
colour: turquoise REF 06.93154.121
colour: pink REF 06.93154.131

Y-tube piece

colour: black REF 06.99020.021