Terms of use

Terms of use for the use of graphical material from the company

(herafter referred to as KaWe)
By using graphical material that has been provided by KaWe or downloaded from KaWe’s website,
the user agrees without exception to the following terms of use.

1. Copyright
KaWe owns the copyright to all of the graphical material provided by KaWe as well as the graphical material that is downloaded from the KaWe homepage. The user will make note of KaWe’s copyright by using the following text on each publication containing the graphical material: “© KaWe“. When using the graphical material, all KaWe products are to additionally be labeled with the KaWe logo.
The advertised product must be clearly and distinctly referenced. This serves as customer protection from plagiarism and products of inferior quality as KaWe has stood for quality, dependability and innovation for more than 125 years.

2. Use of graphical Materials
KaWe approves the use of graphical material solely for the advertisement of original KaWe products.

3. Notification obligation
The users of the graphical material obligate themselves to KaWe, to inform KaWe unasked of the way the graphical material will be published.

  • With publication as print material (ex. catalogues, brochures or flyers) KaWe is to receive a file copy.
  • For use on the Internet, KaWe is to receive the complete Internet address (URL) at which the KaWe graphical material is used.

4. Allocation of the right
The allocation of the right of use by KaWe is free. The user receives solely a simple right of use. Any transfer or duplication of the graphical data for any use other than that described in points 2 and 3 of this document is forbidden. The right of use is limited to approved type of use (for example, use for a particular catalogue edition, a particular Internet publication). New catalogue editions or new forms of usage in the Internet must be first approved by KaWe. KaWe reserves the right to cancel given permission to use its graphics on the Internet within a time limit of 30 days. Given permission by KaWe for use in print media (ex. in a catalogue) can only be terminated by KaWe on a date on which the use of the print media is usually completed.

5. Further Use
Any use of the graphical material other than herein described entitles KaWe to Injunctive relief, right of information and claims for damages.

6. In case of improper use we reserve the right of contractual penalty.
Further claims for injunctive relief, right of information and claims for damages on behalf of KaWe are not excluded or restricted by the contractual penalty.

7. Place of jurisdiction
District court of Ludwigsburg