Baby-Prestige light

We have expanded our product line to include aluminium models of our Baby, Child, and Standard-Prestige stethoscopes. Outstanding characteristics such as great sound quality thanks to glass fibre-reinforced, high-performance diaphragms, and the very light weight of the stethoscope are sure to impress anyone.

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  • made of Aluminium
  • total length approx. 78 cm
  • reversible
  • diaphragm Ø 28,5 mm
  • diaphragm and bell rings made
  • of high-quality biocompatible medical grade silicone
  • connecting piece with simple and precise positioning aid
  • no lost time due to incorrect setting on the chest piece
  • weight approx. 102 g



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included in delivery

included in delivery

  • dual-head stethoscope
  • 1 pair of extra ear tips
  • 1 spare diaphragm


Ear tips

soft, screw-on, PU= 10 items REF 06.91210.021


Head piece with tube

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