KaWeLED light sources: the best standard for quality diagnostics



Thanks to the new KaWeLED light source for PICCOLIGHT F.O. otoscopes, KIRCHNER & WILHELM GmbH + Co. KG ensures the best standard for quality diagnostics. In cooperation with Ulm University of Applied Sciences, KaWe developed its own LED light source specifically designed for otoscopy.

It is well-known by otologists that one can find many color variations in a healthy human ear. To be able to differentiate between pathologies (such as inflammation, granulation, cholesteatoma, or pus accumulating in the middle ear) and the healthy tissue, it is important to see even the slightest color variations in red, yellow-red and yellow ranges of color spectrum clearly.

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The new KaWeLED light sources meet all the requirements for the best color rendering for ear exams. Thanks to 3,000 К color temperature and color rendering factor > 94, they combine excellent color imaging properties of conventional halogen lighting with all the benefits offered by the modern LED technologies. Their light stream is calibrated precisely to the diagnostic conditions in the human ear, so image paleness is ruled out.

Furthermore, an otoscopy light source should not only have great color rendering ability in general, but render the colors of the above-mentioned ranges particularly well.

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The key values are R9 (red range) and R10 (yellow range), which should both be over 50. A high R11 value (green range >50) is also beneficial for differentiated color renditions. The KaWeLED light sources exceed the recommended values for all color ranges:

• R9 > 55
• R10 > 90
• R11 > 90

Furthermore, the patented design of our light source claimed out the risk of short circuit, and the device’s useful life of at least 30,000 hours allows for up to 1,000,000 exams. Safety of the device’s natural warm white light for human eyes is certified according to IEC 62471.

Later on, it is planned to install our own LED light sources on other KaWe products, thereby improving their performance.