KaWeLED light sources: the best standard for quality diagnostics

With the new KaWeLED for our PICCOLIGHT otoscope, KIRCHNER & WILHELM GmbH + Co. KG offers the maximum standard for good diagnostics. In cooperation with the Technical University of Ulm, KaWe has developed its own LED illuminant especially for the task of otoscopy.

In otoscopy, a healthy ear can already show different shades of color. In order to be able to distinguish pathological phenomena such as inflammation, granulation, cholesteatoma, or pus present in the middle ear from the color tones of the healthy ear, it is important to be able to clearly differentiate the finest color nuances in the red, yellow-red, and yellow range of the color spectrum.

The new KaWeLED meets all criteria for optimal color rendering during ear examinations. With a color temperature of 3000 Kelvin and a color rendering index of > 94, it combines the excellent color properties of established halogen lighting with all the advantages of current LED technology. The luminous flux is precisely adapted to the diagnostic conditions in the ear, thus eliminating glare.


However, the light source used in otoscopy must not only have excellent color rendering, it must also be able to reproduce very well specifically the color tones in the ranges already mentioned.

The R9 value (red reproduction) and the R10 value (yellow reproduction), which must be above 50, are decisive here. A high R11 value (green rendering, >50) also contributes to this differentiated color rendering. The KaWeLED is above the required values in all color rendering ranges:

• R9 > 55
• R10 > 90
• R11 > 90

The patented design of the LED bulb also eliminates the risk of short-circuiting, and with a service life of at least 30,000 hours, up to 1 million examinations are possible. The eye safety of the natural, warm white light is certified according to IEC 62471.

In the future, other KaWe products will also be converted to self-developed LED illuminants and the products will thus be improved through in-house work.